Thursday, May 19, 2011

Volunteer Midwives Needed in Jacmel, Haiti

All of our jobs, the Medical Advisory board, the Board Directors, the midwife volunteers and the Haitian women on the ground is to continue to help this clinic grow into an independent birth clinic run by Haitian women. Soley Lavi, the Haitian name of our clinic, was given by the Haitian women who work and are studying to become traditional birth attendants and CPMs. As you come to work with us, remember that your job is to help them do their work but to not do their work from them. Your job is to help empower these strong women and support them in their midwifery education and studies. Your job is to teach the Haitian student midwives the Traditional Midwifery Model of Care. We are looking for someone who wants to give to this birth movement and well knowing what they get back is way more then they will give.

Volunteer Midwives Needed

Mother Health International is seeking volunteer midwives for the last week of August into early September. We are seeking volunteers who practice gentle birth techniques that allow a woman to birth with dignity, love and with family support. We are looking for skilled and licensed midwives who are willing to donate three or more weeks of their time to serve the women of Jacmel, Haiti. Historically, August and September the MHI birth clinic has lots of babies. Volunteers are responsible for all expenses for travel to and from Haiti. Mother Health International has a house for volunteers to stay during their volunteer time with food and basic essentials provided. If you are interested in volunteering with MHI please fill out the appropriate application ( and send it and all required paperwork to

Mother Health International has an On-Site Midwife Coordinator position available at our Jacmel, Haiti birth clinic.


  • Must be willing to embrace and practice the Traditional Midwifery Model of Care.
  • A willingness to live in Jacmel, Haiti at the wonderful MHI birth clinic for a three to six months, as a primary midwife. This position requires the individual to be NARM approved preceptor.
  • Midwife may be a direct entry, traditional, CPM or CNM who embraces the Traditional Midwifery Model of Care. Must have a midwifery certificate.
  • Must bring in a list of supplies needed for the clinic plus help raise awareness and money for the clinic.
MHI will provide: All expenses on site are paid for including housing, food, and high speed Internet. Unpaid vacation time with prior approval. If you are interested in this position please email for a full job description.

Mother Health International Apprenticeships

Mother Health International is a NARM approved birth clinic located in Jacmel, Haiti. We will accept one or two student apprentices per month at the MHI clinic in Jacmel. Apprentices can either come to our clinic with your preceptor or you can have one of a MHI midwife volunteers, who is a NARM approved preceptor, to serve as your preceptor. A minimum of one month volunteer time is required for all apprentices. Fees and other details are on the application. During the apprenticeship, you will observe and practice all aspects of midwifery relating to pregnancy and childbirth with the mother and a NARM approved preceptor. These experiences include prenatal exams, births, and postpartum visits. Our apprenticeship is perfect for those midwifery students who want to practice a traditional midwifery model of care with emphasis towards recognizing that the least interventions brings the best outcomes in birth. If you are coming with your preceptor she will need to fill out and submit the volunteer midwife application with your application. For more information visit, click on volunteer.

Our Mission: Mother Health International is dedicated to respond and provide relief to pregnant women and children in areas of disaster and extreme poverty. We are committed to reducing the maternal and infant mortality rates by creating healthy, sustainable holistic birth clinics using the midwifery model of care with culturally appropriate, education for the health and empowerment of women. With every healthy birth there is a positive benefit for the communities that we serve
and the world as a whole. Our ultimate mission is to empower and educate the local clinic staff, with gender equality, to become the health care providers for their community.

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Terry said...

Cant come for July August or September, but do you need any help Mid October to mid November?